While on programme with CERT, you have the right to be safe. You also have the responsibility to not harm others. 

Safeguarding adults includes:

  • Protecting their rights to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect.

  • People and organisations working together to prevent the risk of abuse or neglect and to stop this from happening. 

  • Making sure people's well-being is promoted, taking their views, wishes and feelings and beliefs into account. 

Prevent & Safeguarding


Prevent is part of the Government's counter terrorism strategy to stop people becoming involved in violent extremism or supporting terrorism, in all its forms. AT CERT it is our responsibility to ensure all our learners understand their Prevent related responsibilities especially in context of safeguarding. 

If you believe yourself or someone else is at risk of radicalisation you can receive support from CERT and prevent it from becoming more serious. 

Having Concerns?

If you are having any Safeguarding or Prevent concerns, you can speak to CERT's Safeguarding and Prevent Officer, Simon King.

Simon's role is to support you with any concerns, complaints or queries you might have and put practical steps in place to help.

If Simon is unavailable and you need to speak to someone urgently, you can contact Debbie McWilliam. 

Simon King


Debbie McWilliam

Download our Prevent & Safeguarding Flyers